Berix Coffee
Berix Coffee opened for business in 2001. The first coffee company in America for the production of Turkish Coffee. With already 8 years in the business, Berix Coffee has great experience in the quality and production of coffee.

Berix Coffee consists of and is made from the highest quality Brazilian Coffee, enriched with the flavor of coffees from Central America and Asia. All this makes this Turkish Coofee enjoyable even after the first sip.  Every variety of Berix Coffe are well inspected in our production facility to ensure the lasting quality of Berix Coffee.

Quality and good taste enable Berix to produce coffee on a daily basis, and also because Berix Coffee is ground by a stone grinder which ensures the best ground size, and it also does not burn the beans. Therefore enabling the coffee to maintain all of it's aroma and quality of taste.

Our daily production enables our customers to always have the freshest coffee we can provide.  Packaging is also done in a clean environment that has passed all inspections, so the packaging alone insures the freshness of our coffee. Berix Coffee comes in different types and packages to suit each individuals personal taste.

Our production and capacity allow us to always provide the buyer with the freshest coffee available right after packaging. Berix coffee can be found in most Bosnian markets, International food markets, and various grocery stores over most the of the United States.

If our coffee is not available at any of your local store, you order by telephone at 314-353-5758, or on our site under the Order button. Your coffee will be sent the same day, therefore you will have a fresh pot of Berix Coffee sitting on your table within 4-5 days.

Try Berix Coffee, you won't regret it.

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